Learn About Chip Wilson

Lululemon Athletica is an unusually named company, but they have enjoyed unprecedented success in their field over the past few years. The company started as a small outfit that would produce and sell clothes that were referred to as “athleisure” wear. But they quickly expanded the categories of clothes they would produce, and they have now become a company that is doing business in upwards of $100 billion. And much of their success is due to all the work that their founder Chip Wilson put into the company. He is not only the man who founded the company at the very start, but he is also the reason why they grew into such a powerful brand.

Chip Wilson

The thing about Wilson is that he never stood for mediocrity. Many people may have been happy when a niche company that they started was doing so well in the market. They may have been content to continue with that success, but Wilson knew that he had to push boundaries if he was to find true success. And the only way that you can make billions in any industry is by taking a few risks. The thing with Wilson is that he knows precisely what risks are worth taking.

It is an attitude that not only found him success with Lululemon, but it is an attitude that has helped him throughout his professional life. He has since moved on from the company and he has found success in other ventures, because the spirit and the intelligence that he brings to the table has not gone anywhere. He now owns an entire portfolio of companies along with other members of his family, and it is a testament to the type of work that he does that all of these companies are enjoying a fair amount of success.